Audio & Video Visibility to Support Your Brand Integrity

Hile audio and video aren't new to the advertising and marketing mix, the call for for first-class and considerate messages is growing rapidly. Personally, I consider quality video and audio are an critical part of maintaining emblem integrity.

Here's what I mean. As commercial enterprise proprietors we put a whole lot of time, idea and studies into creating our manufacturers. Some entrepreneurs very own a personal emblem, others a corporate logo and without a doubt savvy entrepreneurs embrace co- branding.

To break it down similarly I'll give a layman's definition of a logo.

Brand: The overall affect and enjoy that your customers receive out of your commercial enterprise.

This definition seems to demystify the concept of branding for most people. Simply positioned your logo is an extension of your business and your emblem integrity is EVERYTHING you do to decorate your purchaser's revel in.

Brand integrity extends in your logo, advertising, replica, internet site, advertisements, social networking, purchasing transactions, audio and yes, your videos.

We've all seen random home motion pictures with inconsistent messages, poor lighting fixtures, muddle crammed backgrounds and extra...You know what I'm speakme approximately. And, while a number of these videos may be producing a few effects. What people aren't announcing (as a minimum in your face) is how the shoddy productions are affecting emblem integrity that is a true disservice in your customers, your unique enterprise, the writer of the video, your commercial enterprise and your logo.

I'm now not suggesting that movies and audio shouldn't be used. I'm just suggesting that in case you're going to infuse your emblem with visual imagery it need to definitely assist your brand integrity. Sometimes meaning making an investment on your logo through hiring video experts or not less than high-quality home video gadget (it does not need to be high-quality expensive but it does ought to seize you to your nice mild).

Incorporating video and audio in sales letters and different advertising substances creates a demand for copywriting to guide social networking, net advertising and marketing, radio, podcasting, tv and viral video efforts in a manner that also keeps emblem integrity. So, while you're exploring your video options ensure you're paying simply as a good deal interest to content material as you are satisfactory.

It just makes experience that audio and video, while accomplished successfully, outcomes in accelerated sales, supports emblem loyalty, builds more potent relationships and complements your logo popularity. What are you doing to decorate yours?

Take Action Challenge:

Take stock of your logo integrity nowadays. Ask your self:

?· Is the whole thing I'm doing for my enterprise improving my customer's revel in?
?· Have I created any advertising, advertising or promotional materials that compromise my logo integrity?
?· What one aspect can I do nowadays to decorate or repair my brand integrity?
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