The Convergence of Personal Branding and Corporate Image - Or Not?

What is your "personal logo"? This is an area of developing concern in modern-day instances as more and more human beings take part and engage in social networking. Before the Internet revolution, the time period "brand" become only used inside the context of the commercial enterprise world.

The word "brand" brings to thoughts many variations of the equal concept which include: "exchange call", "trademark", and "a name, sign, symbol, or slogan". Essentially a emblem from a company angle is the embodiment of some thing and everything the employer says, does, doesn't say, doesn't do, how they are saying it, what others say approximately them, how others understand them, and so on. The phrase "you're your logo" most effectively exemplifies this concept.

Fast ahead to 2010 and this age of transparency to look at the time period "logo" in the angle it is used today. This is in which the idea of "personal branding" performs a vital function. Social media networking has enabled absolutely everyone to have their own non-public logo with the aid of manner of publicly sharing anything and everything they "say" at the World Wide Web. If you narrow via all the semantics and take this idea of personal branding right down to the most basic stage, what you are left with is really what is commonly referred to as your "recognition". Your personal logo is your reputation.

What occurs in this advanced age of technology and social media advertising and marketing to a employer's brand popularity whilst their employees have their own non-public logo? This topic was discussed and debated at extremely good period in Fortune Magazine's article Building Your Brand (and Keeping Your job) via Josh Hyatt. Josh spoke about Scott Monty, Ford's first global virtual and multimedia communications supervisor and his use of social media to sell his own private brand and Ford's corporate emblem. In summary, Scott was a social media guru with a excessive diploma of credibility and 3,500 Twitter followers prior to accepting a role with Ford and had already earned his personal emblem reputation. Scott used his social have an impact on to in addition the goals of Ford and beautify their brand synergistically along with his own emblem. A best healthy!

What ensued after this newsletter changed into posted become an excellent quantity of complaint about the manner the author portrayed Scott Monty that is surely not applicable to the topic of this post. This creator sees the collectively-beneficial enterprise courting between Scott and Ford for example of how to cope with our new age of enterprise that we find ourselves in today. It works for Scott and it really works for Ford making this a win-win proposition.

However, more regularly than now not, employees do not capitalize on their non-public logo to decorate the photograph of the business enterprise they paintings for. This isn't to mention that they would not want to assist out their employer, however as an alternative to suggest that many people use social media for their personal private use that has nothing to do with where they paintings. Yet businesses are worried with how their brand may be stricken by an employee's use of social media. Some companies restrict their employees from the use of social networking sites with a purpose to avoid any harm that is probably achieved to their corporate logo
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